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HR Software

It doesn't matter if you have 2 employees or 200, being able to manage any issues that arise in payroll and other HR issues is a must. Many small business owners are not experts in accounting-unless their business is an accounting/financial firm. HR software allows you to streamline many HR issues, and lets you and your staff focus on other pressing issues-like your bottom line.

A survey conducted by Hewitt, which asked 104 companies how they are using outsourcing to improve HR programs found that, "Sixty-five percent of organizations achieved their expected cost-reduction targets through their outsourcing programs." Some features human relation software solutions can offer are below.

  • Self Service: A lot of administrative paper work and phone calls are involved in HR. "According to research compiled by self-service provider Transversal, 84% of HR staff questioned said they struggled to answer staff requests promptly because dealing with their telephone calls got in the way of meeting their objectives," reports Agathon Consulting. Agothon goes on to report that implementing a self service feature can save a HR professional on average 5-10 hours a week.
  • HR Management: HRM typically offers solutions for almost all business management functions from administrative to employee orientation. They can assist in defining your company's employee handbook and HR manuals to ensure compliancy. HRO providers will also offer new hire kits and training handbooks.
  • Payroll: One of the most tedious tasks to stay up-to-date on is payroll. Tax laws seem to change every year, and other circumstances can make keeping every ones' pay check very complicated. Outsourcing your payroll is an option for many, but having a system that implements more than one objective can streamline the process even more.
  • Recruiting: This can be hard enough even if you know what you are doing. The time it takes to recruit and go through numerous resumes, depending on the response, can be extremely time consuming. Human resource information systems (HRIS) can take the leg work out of the recruiting process and review resumes first.

With most software pricing options, the size of your company will be the number one factor. The second factor will be features. If you want your human resources software to do numerous things, you will have to pay more than a basic model.

Before you select your vendor, make sure you get hr software price quotes from multiple sources. Some software companies charge per user, while others do not. Researching all price points will help you find the best solution for your company. Smaller sized companies with fewer than 50 employees should be able to purchase HR software for around $500-$1,000. Larger companies with over 100 employees can expect to $2,000+.

Another cost will be server space and IT support. Larger companies again will need to think of this cost more than a smaller company. ASPs are also an option if you don't have the room in-house, but again it will cost extra money. If HRIS is a must for your company, don't let the cost be the deciding factor, but the quality and features offered be your bottom line.